Saturday, April 21, 2012

Long overdue update

Here is an update from various projects I've done here at Ringling. Also, have a new website!

Check it out here:

These were part of the Moonbot workshop held here at Ringling. Us students were broken up into groups to create a story and pitch it. The story my group came up with was about cavemen, the invention of the wheel, and time traveling folk from the future who dress up as spirits to influence the cave men. This workshop was held the same week that my final Pre-pro project was due, so needlessly to say, it was a pretty difficult week.

This is the final project of my 3D class. Farmer dude. I have a turnaround of this that I am having trouble uploading.

The rest of this is for a failed prepro pitch. Well, not failed, but teachers decided that I should work on a separate thesis. 


  1. Those green creatures are really cool, love the mask design!

  2. the teachers thought the other idea was stronger.