Thursday, November 3, 2011

Realistic Environment

This environment was based off of the Tlingit culture of Northwestern America. 

Here is an animatic that a buddy (Christopher Lewis) and I worked up  to pitch the environment - It has sound, so make sure you put those headphones on!:


And here is my section of the environment. Everything you see (aside from the trees poking through the sky-hole) was made by me: 

Everything is pretty low-ish poly. I think the polycount for the entire scene is around 20-25k...Well, that may be high...I don't know. Texture resolutions are all pretty high though...

Here is a small contact sheet that display the more higher-res objects in the scene:

Here is an admittedly atrocious camera move to show what it is like to move through the space. Youtube killed the lighting, so forgive me for the in 480!


  1. This is crazy awesome- I've always loved the pacific northwest style. Amazing detail.

  2. Really amazing... great job. It looks totally professional.