Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new semester

Alrighty, first update of the school year! Classes are going well, and I am definitely more enthusiastic about this year than last. My major classes are going well, but we have yet to really get into the core of the coursework - still, I have managed to stay busy :).

So this post is about my 3d class. Every person in my class had to come up with a "pitch" for an alley design. The class then had to choose their three favorite pitches. The alley that survived this voting process is then the alley that the entire class will be modeling and design for the next 13 weeks. alley pitch took home the gold by a nose! - some other people had some solid pitches.

So, my fellow classmates and I are going to be modeling the following alley that I designed. The basic idea is this: "A Futuristic Mecca Tucked into a Huge Crater."  There is still a great deal of work to be done with my classmates to establish the aesthetic of the environment, so, that will probably be in an update to come.

Without further ado:

My pitch in .ppt format: Clicky

Main Concept Art:

Map design:

Speed Paint of what is in the crater:

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